While many people believe children should not be given important duties as they still rely on their parents for many things, two young classmates demonstrated that kids can take responsibility.

Jacob Farris, a fourth-grader, and Tyler Thompson, a fifth-grader, were seated with other students when they observed something unusual about their bus driver. Larry Borchardt frequently pulls over to speak to unruly children, but he remained sitting that day.

The two children walked over to examine the driver. Larry was behaving strangely, much to their surprise.

“I looked at him and he was leaning over with his hand over his heart breathing really heavily,” Jacob said in an interview with KTVB 7.

Larry looked blue, Tyler noted. He was not sure if the driver felt sad or angry, so he asked about the man’s well-being. The two then rushed into action when they realized something not right.

Tyler called 911 for assistance. On the other hand, Jacob exited the bus and signaled to other drivers.

Jacob stated in the same interview: “A car pulled up and I started banging on the back of the door trying to get their attention for them to come up in the bus to help us, because we didn’t know where we are. I was thinking I was just going to get up and walk down to the end of the street and see what the sign was.”

Fortunately, a lady decided to assist. She came aboard the bus and volunteered, then the cops came a few minutes later. They were pursued by a fire vehicle and an ambulance. Larry could not recall everything how he was saved.

Larry traveled along his daily route and that day he was aware of a severe headache.

“I got a massive pain in my head, it really hurt bad,” Larry explained. Then my vision went. I couldn’t see much of anything, everything was blurry.”

“Very smart kids, may God bless them with the entire of their life,” one YouTube user commented. “Those kids are awesome!” said another.

The driver is moved to tears as he recalls what happened.

Larry is immensely grateful for what the children did for saving him, something more severe may have happened if it had not been for the two. They did the right thing and were fast to act.

“The kids – they all seemed to know what to do,” Larry told KTVB 7. “You’d think they would panic when they see an adult go down, but they stood right up and did what needed to be done, and I’m so proud of them.”

Even the school and bus company administrators were impressed by the boys.

“It’s just totally awesome to know we have students out there that are capable of doing this and willing to do this,” said Marie Harman, Brown Bus Manager.

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