Mary Pine, a 95-year-old woman, is a sweetheart. Bob Taylor, her brother, is 84 years old. They had not seen each other in five years because of pandemic restrictions. Five years is a long time when you are at that age.

When Taylor reunited with his sister, everyone in the room was laughing, sobbing, and reminiscing. Imagine the memories and tales that they shared!

In honor of Independence Day, Bob decided it was about time to surprise his sister in her care facility in Pennsylvania. Bob urged his two granddaughters, Morgan Taylor and Kenzie Hardin, to arrange the details keeping in mind that it was also Mary’s birthday.

There was no way to get there by plane. Kenzie Hardin was from Florida, so she had to go to Atlanta, Georgia, to meet up with Bob and Morgan.

The trio made a 13-hour trip to Pennsylvania, only stopping for petrol and potty breaks.

On July 4, Mary, who had no idea what was going on, was brought to a room by building employees.

Mary was taken aback when her loved ones wished her a heartfelt Happy Birthday. Suddenly, seeing Bob, she burst into tears, she had finally reunited with her brother.

“It definitely pulled some heartstrings,” Morgan described the sweet reunion. “I’m so happy he got the opportunity to see her again and her reaction was priceless. I know they were both overwhelmed with joy and love and that’s all I could ask for as a granddaughter. Hearing them reminisce on old times and tell stories like they happened yesterday was so heartwarming.”

The granddaughter expressed her gratitude to the family for helping pull off the surprise, and the birthday was the finest ever! “It was a joy to see so many of you.”

A heartwarming clip of the elderly siblings’ reunion was shared on YouTube, and as predicted, viewers were overcome with joy and tears.

“Wow,” one person wrote. “Imagine being 94 and still bless to say ‘I’m going to surprise my big sister.’ Unbelievable. That close in age you know they were each other childhood playmates, like twins.”

Another viewer commented, “So beautiful! We need this, thank you for sharing. Love keeps us connected no matter how long it’s been or where we end up in life. Love remains till we see each other again. So happy for them and the family. Many blessings!”

Another added, “Grandparents are precious, I only have one left who will be turning 94 in September, I make sure to visit her every time i have the chance bc I never know when it’ll be my last chance to spend time w/her.”

Give your grandparents a hug and a kiss if they are still around. They are exceptional and deserve the affection we can give. Unfortunately, our families are often taken for granted, and it is a long past time for that to change.

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