“If you found money on the freeway, it is not your money; It belongs to the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) and this armored truck and the bank. It needs to be returned,” stated Sgt. Curtis Martin.

Is it more sensible to rush to collect money if you see it by the side of the road, or do you think it’s better to ignore it?

An armored truck dropped sacks of cash on a California roadway Friday morning, Nov. 19, causing cash to fly all about.

Drivers immediately collected the loose dollars, some on the shoulder and others in the center of the road.

When the armored truck driver realized he couldn’t win the struggle, he started recording the drivers that stopped to pick up the money with his mobile phone, Martin said, as the Newsner reported.

As Martin put it, “There is a lot of video evidence of people picking up the cash, so we are going to be following up on every lead that we have.”

Dozens of people returned a great deal of cash within the first few hours following an accident.

Two persons had mistakenly locked themselves out of their vehicle and were blocking traffic, when the California Highway Patrol arrived on the scene.

They were detained and other people were being sought for questioning, as many drivers felt they could walk away with large sums of money.

Officials have published images of people they want to speak to in connection with Friday’s incident. If they’re found to be guilty of stealing money, they could face charges.

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