If you plan on taking a trip to France, make sure you’re on your best behavior when using public transportation. Because if you’re not, you may face the wrath of a French bus driver who is called a hero after he reportedly kicked all his passengers off the bus when they refused to make room for a man in a wheelchair.

François Le Berre was waiting for a bus in a Paris suburb. For Le Berre, getting on the bus can be a challenge as the man is in the late stages of multiple sclerosis, a neurological disease that attacks the central nervous system over time. Therefore, he was in a wheelchair.

However, when his bus arrived, the access ramp was lowered, but Le Berre wasn’t able to get on the bus with his wheelchair because the passengers already on board refused to make room for him.

Fortunately, the bus driver took notice. Instead of leaving the man stranded outside and driving off again, he shouted, “Terminus,” and then ordered everyone to get off the bus. The bus driver helped Le Berre onto the bus and drove off with just him and his brother as the only passengers.

The story along with a photo of Le Berre was shared by a French Twitter page called Accessible Pour Tous. When translated, the caption of the photo read, “Yesterday while waiting for the bus in Paris, nobody wanted to move. As no one was moving the driver stood up and said, ‘Terminating! Everybody off!’ After he came to see me and said ‘You can go up and the others, you wait for the next one!'”

Le Berre said the bus driver told him, “Everyone might need a wheelchair one day,” according to Huffington Post.

The identity of the bus driver is unknown, but Le Berre said the bus driver told him that he had no disabled family members. Instead, he was disappointed with the lack of civility of the fellow passengers that day.

Buses in France usually have two seats for people in wheelchairs. Those seated are meant to give priority to disabled individuals. Unfortunately for everyone previously onboard, passengers paid the price for not making space for Le Berre. Hopefully, the other passengers learned their lesson and will make sure to allow people with disabilities onto the bus.

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