High school cheerleader Ashley has been fighting leukemia and has been undergoing chemotherapy treatments every day. Wanting to show her that they are behind her, the football team came up with a secret plan. What they did at their next football game left Ashley in tears.

Ashley Adamietz began to cheer them like the rest of her crew. However, when the players reached her position, they one at a time bent down and tenderly laid a rose at Adamietz’s feet.

The senior cheerleader at Foothill High School was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia in August 2017, a condition that affects the white blood cells produced in the body’s bone marrow.

It’s hard on someone at such an age to develop this kind of cancer, especially a cheerleader like Ashley, as the average age of people suffering from this cancer is 64.

The heartwarming moment was planned by senior football player Ryan Caetano. He came up with the idea for all the 57 players to lay an orange rose at Ashley’s feet after the game. The roses were orange for leukemia awareness.

Ryan said: “So why not let her know that we’re all here for her. We are. So I wanted to let that be known to everybody, and especially to her, for what she’s going through.”

Ashley later spoke to local ABC affiliate a TV station KRCR about the cellphone communication and admitted that she had failed to read between the lines: “I got a text that said I needed to be on time,” she said. “I had no idea that the cheer team and the whole football team had kept that for me.”

She responded on Twitter: “I was shocked, overwhelmed and over all speechless. I can’t thank you enough to both teams for making my first game one to remember & making me cry tears of joy. I love Foothill high school!”

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