Randy was bullied when he was little. It shattered his self-esteem, and it hurt him to see people being so cruel to him for no apparent reason.

Randy worked hard despite the bullying and was able to secure a decent job. He determined to do all in his power to protect his daughter, Re’Onna, from bullying. In reality, he’d have to deal with the opposite issue.

Randy was invited by his child’s school one day. It had something to do with bullying. Randy was furious at first.

He’d always dreaded the day he found out his daughter was being bullied.

Re’Onna on Nov. 6, 2019. (ABC Strahan, Sara and Keke/Screenshot via TheBL/YouTube)

However, the school administrator said something unexpected. In fact, his daughter Re’Onna was being a bully.

Re’Onna and a few other girls were making fun of a young lady named Ryan.

Because she lacked fashionable clothing, the other kids teased her and mocked her for being poor.

Randy was at a loss for what to do at first. Then he thought of a way to teach his daughter a lesson while also making the girl his daughter was tormenting feel better.

Re’Onna was a compulsive shopper. Randy had planned to take her shopping at the local mall the next weekend.

As a result, when Re’Onna returned home from school that day, Randy informed her that the shopping excursion had been canceled. Instead, the shopping spree would go to Ryan, the girl she had been tormenting.

When Re’Onna learned about this, she was distraught. She became enraged and told her father that he couldn’t do this to her. Randy, on the other hand, refused to budge. He stated that he had made up his mind.

Over the course of a few days, Re’Onna came to see that her father was doing the right thing. She had to pay the price for her bullying.

Randy with his daughter Re’Onna on Nov. 6, 2019.
(ABC Strahan, Sara and Keke/Screenshot via TheBL/Youtube)

Re’Onna Smalls said: “After it all happened, I’m glad that we did this, because she needed that help.”

Randy got together with Ryan and her mother. He brought the two to the mall, where he spent hundreds of dollars on the girl his daughter had been making fun of. And Re’Onna was by her side the entire time.

Randy and Re’Onna found while shopping that Ryan had recently lost her father, aunt, and grandpa.

He felt much worse about his daughter as a result of this. He hadn’t raised Re’Onna to make fun of individuals who had found themselves in terrible situations.

Re’Onna afterwards confessed to her father that she would never make fun of anyone else again.

Randy could tell she was telling the truth. Randy felt relieved that he had been able to correct such a grave error.

Randy is unquestionably a fantastic dad. He may not only look out for his own kid, but also educate her how to be a decent person and how to make amends.

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