When Randy Smalls from South Carolina found out that his daughter, Re’Onna was bullying another girl, he wasn’t happy about it. He was determined to teach his girl a lesson to remember.

The 35-year-old father showed up at GMA with his daughter to speak with hosts about their story. Randy shared he experience bullying as a teenager, so he hated the fact that Re’Onna was doing that to someone.

Knowing that his daughter loved shopping more than anything, Randy had been saving as a treat a shopping trip with her. However, now he learned she was a bully, he knew that she didn’t deserve it.

Instead, he decided to spend all the money on clothes and stuff for Ryan, the girl his daughter bullied. 

Ryan was experiencing hard times in her life. She lost her father, her grandfather, and her aunt recently. Being disrespected and mocked by Re’Onna made her even more depressed and sad. 

When Ryan’s mother first learned about the bullying, she was hesitant about speaking to Re’Onna’s parents. But she couldn’t watch Ryan suffer and made a call to Re’Onna’s father. Luckily, Randy was a rational dad. 

The best part of the shopping trip was that Re’Onna got to be part of it, but only as a witness. Her dad didn’t buy her anything but she saw all the nice things Ryan got.

And it made Re’Onna really mad. However, she eventually realized her father was right. She got to realize that not everyone is as fortunate as she is and that bullying can have devastating effects on people, crush their self-esteem, and leave them vulnerable even years after it takes place.

And there is a happy ending. Ryan and Re’Onna became friends all thanks to Randy.

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