A family of six, Stephnie and Carlos, along with their four children, were involved in a deadly car crash in Brighton, Colorado, back in June 2015.

All people in the vehicle were ejected from the vehicle while they drove into a ditch and sadly, Carlos, the father, died immediately, according to USA Today.

The youngest member of the family, 2-year-old Sirena, was the only one who was left unharmed. The other family members were all seriously injured and were rushed to the hospital, some by ambulance and some were airlifted.

On arriving at the accident scene, Police Officer Nick Struck was there to comfort Sirena who was all alone, distraught, in shock and drenched in gasoline.

Officer Struck knew that even though the 2-year-old girl escaped from the crash unscathed that her pain wasn’t over. He tried to do all he could to comfort her and assure her that everything was going to be okay.

Being a father himself, Struck remembered how he sang his daughter the popular song “twinkle twinkle little stars,” and yet again he sang the song to young Sirena to calm and comfort the little girl.

The officer knew just how to handle Sirena gently like a father and protect her. A witness must have been moved with the officer’s humane actions and took a photo of the two.

In such a dark time, the police officer found it in his heart to accommodate an innocent victim of circumstances.

As soon as the photo of Officer Struck holding Sirena went viral on social media he was praised for his act of compassion during this little girl’s traumatic time.