During a date, two newlywed police officers stopped an armed robbery attempt at their favorite fried chicken restaurant.

Two police officers were off-duty, enjoying a peaceful evening, when an armed intruder demanded money from the cashier.

Cameras in Elizabethtown, a hamlet in the U.S. state of Kentucky, caught the remarkable moment when police officers Chase and Nicole decided to take action.

At around 10pm, the couple were in their booth watching, and cautiously got out their own weapons. They then hurried to confront the guy. Chase and Nicole pursued him as he made a U-turn and bolted the restaurant.

Just witnessing a guy preparing to commit a crime may have made anyone flee in terror. But this couple had no intention of running way.

On the contrary, they did the exact opposite. They took a stand and acted quickly. And the way they moved made them appear like extras in a Hollywood action film. Their movements were accurate, but they were also cautious.

The couple can be seen aiming their firearms at the thief, the robber then realized what he was up against, he dropped his weapon and tried to scape. He couldn’t have predicted the two cops would chase him.

The duo was able to apprehend the culprit after chasing him. They tracked him into Louisville’s downtown area. There, with the assistance of local police officers, they were able to make an arrest.

The video has gone viral, many people have praised the couple for their bravery and fast respond.

“This is literally so cool,” one YouTube viewer commented. “The way they get up, reach for their back pockets for their guns, and how she goes to the outside while he goes straight in. Then when they chase him outside they look like freaking superheros with their stances.”

“What a beautiful and strong couple!” another added. “You’re lucky to have each other!”

There was also one that gave a funny thought about what might happen. “Imagine being the cashier, having someone pull a gun on you, and then having two random people pull out their guns and chase him down. And you probably don’t know their [they’re] cops either.”

“We couldn’t be more proud” of this couple, according to a statement from the police department the two work for.

The suspect, 30 years old, already had criminal records.

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