A color blind firefighter from Georgia felt overwhelmed after witnessing red, white and blue on the American flag for the first time.

Spencer Caradine, 22, had no idea how differently the national flag looked in color.

“I never thought it was a problem,” he said according to WSB-TV. “I guess my colors were just different than everyone else’s.”

Coworker Jordan Gardner was the first to notice his friend and roommate was color blind.

The revelation came after the pair left Dallas for a nature hike. Caradine did not show much interest after Gardner pointed out multiple brilliant colors.

Gardner suspected something was unusual, so he surprised his roommate with a pair of EnChroma glasses to help him see different colors.

When word spread about his kind gesture, many coworkers began contributing towards the purchase cost.

“I did not know how to explain why we had a 6 foot by 10 foot American flag hanging off the side of the engine,” Caradine said according to SBLY Spotlight. “I was like, ‘This is your first Fourth of July at the station. We are having a big breakfast, that is just what we do at the firehouse.'”

When he put on the glasses and saw the flag, he became very emotional. His view of the world had totally changed.

“It was insane, it was crazy,” Caradine said according to WSB-TV. “It blew my mind.”

Caradine stood silently for a moment before sobbing and hugging Gardner.

“It was so much different from what I have ever seen,” he said according to the broadcaster. “It was more beautiful.”

The pair have since visited an aquarium, watched fireworks, and returned to the hiking trail where it all began. This time, Caradine sees everything in full color.

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