Most parents consider Graduation Day as one of the best moments in their children’s lives. Thus, many would often take leave from work to attend the momentous event. But Jeric R. Rivas never experienced having his parents by his side for Graduation Day—or even Recognition Day, for that matter.

Since Jeric was still in elementary, his parents never attend a graduation.

The young man could not understand why his parents never liked to attend these special moments in his life, especially because he sees other parents who are proud of his classmates and friends attending their big day.

On his Graduation Day from his course Bachelor of Science in Criminology from La Concepcion College, San Jose Del Monte Bulacan, the Philippines, Jeric wished really hard that his parents would now feel proud of him and attend the event, yet they never arrived.

As his name was called on stage, Jeric tried to walk with pride but ended up crying harder as he pitied himself.

The heartbroken story of Jeric began after he graduated from high school. He left his hometown of Sibuyan Island, Romblon, in hopes of finding a better life somewhere. But though he had relatives living in this new place, they would not accept him at their homes.

To put himself through college, he worked at a factory in Quezon City, became part of the service crew at a fast-food outlet, tried his hand at being a janitor, had a stint as a working student at his school, and even experienced being a domestic worker.

After learning about his sad situation, his college professors became his second parents. Many of them would give him some money for fare or provide him with food. Several also welcomed him to their homes, something that his relatives refused to do.

In his post on Facebook, Jeric thanked his professors and the many people who helped him on this difficult journey.

What’s heartbreaking is that despite the many rejections he received from his parents, he still thanked them and wished that someday they would finally be proud of him.

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