A bus driver became a living angel to two children when she found them alone on a snowy morning.

Nicole Chamberlain, a Wisconsin bus driver, described how she assisted a two-year-old girl and her six-year-old brother she saw roaming the streets when the weather was 18 degrees and snow was falling.

When Chamberlain spotted the two children, she said, “whoa” She quickly slammed on the brakes of her bus, and pulled over to the side of the street.

“The little girl only had on a t-shirt and diaper and neither of them had a coat on,” Chamberlain said according to SBLY Spotlight.

“They were headed toward a busy intersection and I knew there was no school bus stop down there, or school, so I knew right away I had to pull over and help them.” she went on to say.

The bus driver asked about the children’s activities. She wanted to ensure that the two children did not suffer further harm. And no one with nefarious motives might arrive to take advantage of the children’s fragility.

The kids responded by saying they were looking for their grandmother.

Chamberlain immediately knew what he needed to do. She shared, “I said, ‘Come with me, I’m gonna put you on the warm bus and I’ll help you find grandma.’”

She carried the two-year-old in her arms while instructing the six-year-old to board the bus. After that, the bus driver called the cops. And she finally has a chance to speak with the authorities.

Chamberlain also kept the children warm in the freezing temperatures. She was seen on the bus camera covering the toddler’s naked feet with her coat.

The grandma of the youngster arrived after only a few minutes of waiting. The relieved and thankful grandma described how her grandkids were alone. When the child and his sister left the house, she was in the basement.

Because the incident was “accidental,” police did not recommend any charges.

Chamberlain said that she departed 5 minutes early that morning. If she had not, she would not have seen the children.

However, the bus driver did not think much of what she did and said:

“If that were to happen to my children, I would hope that there would be somebody—a decent human being—that would stop and help my kids.”

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