Phil Mick, an 11-year-old boy who had to endure years of bullying, was worried when summer ended. Fortunately, on his first day of sixth grade, he was escorted by 50 ‘big-hearted’ motorcyclists.

Phil’s mother, Tammy Mick of Auburn, Indiana, stated that her son had told her he did not want to go back to school due to the bullying.

“He was hiding it. He came home with bumps and bruises. He said he wanted to end his life—and I stepped up as parent and tried to get things taken care of,” she told ABC News.

As a result, Phil appeared on the back of a motorcycle on his first day of the new school year, accompanied by 50 motorcyclists.

Bullying is not accepted here—the message was clear. This youngster is secured. Do not attempt it again.

Phil and his mother previously went to a DeKalb motorcycle shop’s Christmas party for families who could not afford to celebrate the holidays. They met KDZ Motorcycle Sales & Service’s Brent Warfield there.

The mother told Warfield that her son had been bullied physically for the last two years. The 11-year-old said he was mocked because he was fat.

“When you hear an 11-year-old-kid talking about getting kicked and picked on all because they don’t have as much money or wear nice clothes, being overweight and then having an 11-year-old son myself, it reached down deep and hit me,” said Warfield.

Then, on his Facebook page, Warfield invited Indiana motorcyclists to accompany Phil to school. “Were hopefully going to make a positive [impact] for Phil and hopefully show the other kids that bullying isn’t cool.”

Warfield’s request on Facebook was flooded with replies from local cyclists. More than 50 bikers gathered at Phil’s house on the morning of the big day.

“I wanted to cry, it was so heartwarming. Every day, he talks about that ride. He said it was amazing. [To] Brent and all the riders who came, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank them. They made my son very happy,” Tammy said.

The bikers participating, actually, clearly stood up for justice. As one biker said, “A little boy should not have to go to school and worry about being beat on, picked on.”

The task, according to Warfield, has not been done yet. Phil was scheduled to speak at a suicide prevention and teen bullying ride hosted by Indiana motorcyclists.

Phil has not stopped smiling, according to his mother. “He has new brothers and sisters watching over him,”

See the touching video of Phil’s memorable first day of middle school below.

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