Some see with their eyes, others see with their hearts. This flag allows veterans who are blind to be able to feel the meaning and message behind the America flag.

Decorated U.S. Army soldier, Walt Peters, donated a bronze Braille flag to the VA Jacksonville Outpatient Clinic to encourage people to never lose their vision of hope.

“They can’t really feel it and all of a sudden they feel it. It makes them have a better day,” Peters said to Fox30.

The arrangements of dots and lifted stars and stripes help vets like Michael Taylor recall memories before going blind. “Sometimes when I feel something, I just can’t believe the difference what my memories were.”

The plaque depicts the American flag through tactile figures, in the upper left are the stars and long smooth horizontal lines represent the stripes. The end of each stripe is embossed with the Braille dots 4, 5, 6 followed by the lower case “r,” indicating the color red. Between each of the representations of the red stripes are the long raised textured areas representing the white stripes. The end of each strip is embossed with the Braille dots followed by the lower case “w,” indicating the color white.

In a dedication ceremony, Peters spoke to service members about never giving up, “You have to have the will and the strength and the pride to get up and do things for yourself your family, your friends, and your fellow man.”

This flag is a symbolic message that shares his vision of liberty and justice for all a vision to dream big and see with your heart. “To me, the brown flag the last flag I will really ever see,” said Peters.

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