When an Austin, Texas, mother breastfeeding her child was told to “cover up,” she did.

But not in the way the requester had in mind.

Melanie Dudley was on vacation with her family having dinner at a restaurant in Cabo San Lucas.

The mother of three, 4-year-old twin boys and 3-month-old, was sweltering in the sun.

“It was 95 degrees, humid and my back was toward the restaurant,” Dudley said. “I was feeding my baby—covered—and it was extremely hot and sticky.”

“I said to myself, ‘forget this, I’m taking this thing off.’ A man within our party said I needed to cover up because they did not want to see my exposed breast. I was speechless and told my husband to hand me my cover and I put it over my head as a sarcastic gesture,” she continued.

A photo was posted on Facebook in 2018 by her mother-in-law and then a friend. It has been shared more than 200,000 times.

While there were definitely a few highly insecure ‘cover it up!’ detractors spewing hate, most of the comments support the mother’s actions.

“I’m actually more interested in how she’s holding the baby. She has one hand on the table. I always thought of breastfeeding as a natural, bonding experience. I really hope the baby didn’t slip out of the elbow that holding it,” wrote one commenter.

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