A fifth-grade boy was hailed a hero after calling 911 on a reckless driver to save 30 students on their school bus.

Troy Luna, a student at Bonita Landing Elementary School in California, received nothing but appreciation from California Highway Patrol officer Thomas Olsen and Newman-Crows Landing Superintendent Randy Fillpot.

They were impressed by his quick thinking, which led him to dial 911 and save other students on the bus.

The bus driver, who was later found to be high on drugs, had already been detained by police. She was fired from her job following this incident.

Luna did his courageous act as he boarded the school bus with the rest of his friends one afternoon.

When he moved down the aisle, he smelled something strange coming from their new bus driver, Karolyn Denise Ray.

He stated, according to GoodDay, “I smelled something weird.” And his bus companions coughed as a result of it.

Ray of Patterson worked as a substitute bus driver for First Student, the transportation provider for the Newman-Crows Landing Unified School District.

Ray began accelerating and turning suddenly shortly after the bus took off. Some students were thrown forward into seats in front of them.

“She stepped on the breaks really hard, and a few kids went flying and hit their heads on the seats,” said Luna.

The little boy realized he had to do something to save them all. He did not think twice and dialed 911 from the bus.

“All my friends were trying to talk me out of it. I said, ‘I don’t care, I don’t feel right,’ so I just did it,” the brave boy recalled.

The bus stopped to let one of the children out, and the police were waiting their to arrest her.

The transportation provider sent a supervisor to transport all students back to their own homes safely. The company also promised to adhere to strict guidelines when it came to hiring bus drivers.

Luna’s mother was pleased with his quick thinking. She was particularly proud that her son had made the call out of all the students on the bus.

As a result, Ray was found guilty of driving under the influence and endangering children.

This incident had the makings of a nightmare if it were not for the little hero who saved everyone.

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