Desiree Andrews has Down syndrome, but it has never brought her down. The teenager was inspired by Becky Jackson—a character on the famous TV show “Glee” with Down syndrome and became a cheerleader.

But when her squad was performing a routine, fans started making fun of her. That’s when three players from a Lincoln Middle School basketball team decided “Enough is enough.”

Scooter Terrien, Chase Vasquez, and Miles Rodriguez were upset over the fans’ actions. They walked off the court in the middle of the game and went to their sport director to ask if they could stop the rude fans from bullying Desiree.

And that’s where the bullying situation turned her life around. Desiree no longer walks to class alone. She and the three basketball players now have a wonderful relationship.

The gym was even nicknamed “D’s House.” School officials said there are talks of creating a “D’s House” banner to hang in the gym. In addition, Desiree greets each player with a high-five before their game begins.

“It’s not fair when people get treated wrong because we’re all the same. We’re created the same. God made us the same way,” Scooter Terrien told TMJ4

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