A North Carolina bag boy is being honored for escorting an elderly lady to her car through social media. 

Aaron Sanders works as a bag boy at Ingles Market groceries, North Carolina. One day, an elderly customer came into the shop to get some necessities. It was raining heavily outside by the time she finished her shopping, and not just rain pelting down, but also big hailstones.

Sanders’ intuition set in when he saw her fearful to go out into the storm. Without hesitating, he took off. His colleagues were taken aback by his unexpected reaction. To see what was going on, they went to the window.

That’s when they saw Sanders, who held an umbrella over the elderly customer whose arm was around his waist. When he walked the elderly woman to her vehicle, his umbrella scarcely shielded him.

Sanders’ coworkers praised him for his good deed. Violet Baiera, one of his coworkers, caught the moment with a snapshot that she later posted on Facebook.

Baiera posted:

“I just love this shot,” and “that I took today when one of the bag boys was driving a nice older lady to her car,” she wrote. “When the rain started to fall heavier as they were walking, she wrapped her arm around him and held him closer; before they got to the car, the umbrella folded up on them; when he walked back in, he was soaking wet; and the rain stopped only a couple minutes later, but I thought it was so nice that he would do it for her thinking he was going to get drenched.”

The photo went viral fast, attracting over 13,000 likes and over 1300 shares to multi-pages. Sanders expressed disappointment at the amount of publicity and reaction the photo received, saying it’s his mother is the one who is raising him well. He said she instilled in him the virtue of selflessness.

Sanders praised his mom saying, “She’s always been there and taken care of me,” and “she always made sure that I was fed even if she didn’t eat that night, so my respect goes to her.”

“It’s what I like to do. I like helping people whenever they need help,” he added. “And I’d do it all over again.”

Among the accolades, Sanders stayed humble, saying it’s just his job.

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