Franciscan Health Hospital in Hammond, Indiana, received a healthy newborn baby girl less than 30 days after installing a Safe Haven Baby Box. ABC7 Chicago reported the baby was retrieved by first responders in less than 90 seconds. An alarm sounded just when the baby was placed in the box, and the emergency department of the hospital responded.

Monica Kelsey is the founder and CEO of Safe Haven Baby Boxes. Kelsey was herself adopted, and discovered years later that she was also abandoned as a newborn. After seeing a baby box at a church in Cape Town, South Africa, where parents could surrender a newborn without face-to-face interaction, Kelsey launched Safe Haven Baby Boxes to create a way for mothers to ensure their child’s care, and educate people about Safe Haven Laws that enables parents of newborns to leave a newborn without having legal consequences.

About the newborn who was recently placed in the hospital baby box at Franciscan Health Hospital in Hammond, Indiana, Kelsey said, “That is my hope and my goal for this little girl, is to grow up knowing she was loved from the beginning. Her mom just felt that this was best for her, and hopefully one day she changes the world and does something amazing.”

The story of this infant safely delivered to authorities is in contrast to many recent stories that could have ended tragically. In Georgia over the summer, one newborn baby girl was found abandoned in a plastic bag in the forest. Another baby girl, likely just hours old, was found naked in the woods in Silver Spring, Maryland. In both cases, when passersby heard crying and investigated, the babies were saved. Tragically, many cases of abandoned newborns do not end with the child safely rescued.

Indiana Safe Haven Laws allows parents to place a newborn in care at any hospital emergency room, police or fire station without any questions or legal consequences. As the recent story shows, laws like this save lives. For information about Safe Haven Laws in your state, you can visit Baby Safe Haven or call 1-888-510-BABY.