An autistic boy in Oregon believed so deeply in the police that he was pleasantly surprised the following day.

Nobody expected anything would happen when ‘Master’ Pultz first contacted North Bend Oregon Police Department (NBOPD) about his stolen pepper plant in 2017. However, the then 4-year-old did not let skepticism discourage him from firmly believing that justice would prevail.

Pultz, who has autism, alleged he diligently cared for his seedling and woke up every morning to give it plenty of sunlight and water. He also claimed the theft had denied him the excitement and joy of watching the plant mature.

The boy desperately asked the NBOPD’s finest officers to thoroughly investigate his case and find the missing plant.

“Do not worry mommy and daddy, the cops will catch him and bring my peppers back,” Pultz said according to Spotlight Stories.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Officer Chris Rule turned up at the Pultz residence the very next day. Rule revealed he made a major breakthrough in the case and had successfully found the pepper seedling.

Pultz was overjoyed to be reunited with his plant and pleased to discover the seedling had significantly grown since he last saw it 24 hours earlier.

He had no idea his parents secretly organized for one of their neighbors to buy a new pepper plant and asked NBOPD to send one of their finest officers to make the special delivery that same day.

“Within 5-10 minutes they sent an officer out who was so kind and helped deliver my son’s new pepper plant,” mother Bailee Pultz said on Facebook, according to the publication. “He was so happy and kept thanking the officer for growing his plant so big–his previous peppers were tiny starts.”

The parents were so grateful that they agreed to let NBOPD share photos of their son with the ‘successfully recovered’ pepper plant in custody.

“Huge thank you to North Bend Police Department for being so incredible and and making this little boy’s day,” the mother said.

NBOPD Chief Robert Kappelman was pleased to report the crime was solved so soon after being reported.

“Thank you for being such beautiful people and allowing us to be a part of your lives,” he said in a Facebook post obtained by Inspire More.