It was a normal day in a convenience store in Mexico until a gun-wielding robber entered the store, waving his gun around wildly. The young man was committing a crime and wasn’t even wearing a mask.

As the robber approached the counter, a Mexican cowboy just casually observed the situation.

The robber turned his gun toward the cowboy. The cowboy calmly took his sunglasses off and proceeded to reach for his wallet.

And all he waited for was when the robber turned around to threaten another shopper in the store who had been in one of the aisles. The cowboy rushed the criminal and knocked the revolver right out of his hands.

The robber tried to make his escape but it was too late. The cowboy put the assailant in a chokehold and held on for dear life. Another store employee ran over and grabbed the gun off the floor.

When the robber remerged, he was shirtless and brandishing a large kitchen knife. The cowboy grabbed the man and held him in place while the store workers rushed over and helped to disarm him. The woman behind the counter called the police.

A lesson to learn? Don’t mess with a cowboy!

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