A disabled veteran got his doctor’s appointment, thanks to team efforts from Walker, Cullman, Morgan, and Madison County Sheriff’s departments.

According to the Morgan County Sheriff’s office, on Wednesday, Nov. 6, a Walker County deputy came across a man walking down the road with an oxygen tank and learned he was a disabled Gulf War veteran trying to walk or hitchhike from the Jasper area to Huntsville for a doctor’s appointment. With no way to get there, he said he was walking nearly 100 miles on his own.

The deputy escorted the veteran to the Cullman County line where a Cullman County deputy picked him up. The deputy then took him to the Morgan County line where a Morgan County deputy took over and met a Madison County deputy in Huntsville who finished the trip and took the man to his appointment.

Morgan County deputies say they were happy to do it all again Thursday, only in reverse, to get him back home after the man stayed overnight.

“We are thankful for our veterans and were honored to play a small role in supporting this man who gave a great deal for our country,” the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook.

Morgan County deputies said they are working with the veteran to see how he would like to handle the outpouring of support that has been offered.