A black family has accepted a white boy who no one wanted to adopt into their home, and their loving acceptance brought out the boy’s true self.

Dominique and Kevin Gill adopted Andrew in Nashville, Tennessee. Because of Andrew’s family history, he had been in custody since he was six years old. His parents’ legal rights were terminated at this point, so he and his four siblings were all adopted out immediately.

This was a traumatic experience for Andrew, and he became more and more withdrawn from those around him.

The Gill family wanted to raise him, and to show Andrew what it felt like to belong.

For the first week after moving in with the Gills, Andrew sat in his room with the door closed, looking at old photos.

Dominique reveals that Andrew refused to speak, and frequently misbehaved, and was very withdrawn. If anyone approached him, he would stay in his room and scream, according to Parentingisnteasy.

The Gills were adamant about not giving up on Andrew. They were aware that he was going through a difficult time, and they wanted him to know that there are still people who care about him.

Joc, Dominique’s son, did not feel any connection to Andrew at first. The two boys soon found they had a lot in common. One day, the two decided to play video games, and when they discovered they both liked Pop-Tarts, it marked the start of a beautiful friendship. Kevin and Dominique noticed how close the two boys had become.

Andrew gradually opened up to them. Joc and Andrew were still close friends after more than a year of being together. They were overjoyed to see Andrew making such significant progress, and their only wish was that he would soon find a permanent home.

One day, the Gills asked Andrew if he wanted to be a part of their family; he smiled and said, “Yes.” Andrew and Joc pretty soon had accepted each other as brothers. “Will you be my brother?” Joc asked on his shirt. In answer to a question on Joc’s shirt, Andrew chose a shirt with the word “YES.”

The people around him began to cheer, relieved that Andrew has finally found a permanent home.

Andrew’s story teaches us that love is powerful and that everyone deserves to be accepted, nurtured, and loved.

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