Actress Nicole Kidman revealed she is often teased by friends for taking her children to church.

Appearing on the cover of Vanity Fair’s May 2019 issue, the Australian Hollywood actress shared that her friends often comment on her faith and the way she has daughters Sunday Rose, 10, and Faith Margaret, 8, attend church as a family.

“A lot of my friends tease me,” Kidman said. 

Kidman is Catholic and her faith is an integral part of her life. The 52-year-old actress said her “very Catholic” grandmother had a huge impact on her. “I was raised praying,” she said. She credits her father for instilling these values. Although her husband, country music superstar Keith Urban, doesn’t share her Catholic faith, both regularly attend church with their daughters.

“That’s how we are raising our children,” she said.

Talking about parenting, the mother of four said she and Keith strive to keep their children grounded.

“I try to keep some sort of boundaries,” she said. “The children are not allowed to have phones. Instagram is off limits as well, since it is potentially dangerous for young teens.”

Kidman has often been very open and vocal about her faith—even in spite of jabs from her close friends and speaking to another publication in 2018 that she came close to becoming a nun before finding a career in acting.

“I’m spiritual in that I absolutely believe in God,” Kidman told Allure. “I loved the idea of being a nun. Obviously, I did not choose to go that path, but I was very drawn to it.”

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