During a February 2018 Facebook Live interview with Faithwire, actor Stephen Baldwin shared his pro-life beliefs and shared his thoughts on people who consider themselves pro-choice concerning abortion rights but also call themselves followers of Jesus Christ.

“The Bible’s very clear,” Stephen said in the interview. “The Word never changes. […] You can’t be pro-choice and call yourself a follower of Jesus Christ. Doesn’t go together. Just doesn’t go together.”

“It’s a fact. It’s a simple common sense fact. So, anybody who hears me say that and goes, ‘Well, hey, I’m a this type of Christian or this denomination and in our church it’s acceptable,’ I’m just going to say, ‘Well, whatever they’re teaching you according to God’s Word that has allowed you to believe that, is incorrect.’ It’s very simple,” he continued.

Stephen, who became a born-again Christian after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, firmly believes that supporting abortion goes against the principles of Christianity and the teachings of Jesus Christ, including God’s specific command to not kill. He believes that science backs up his pro-life stance as well because of the “scientific evidence” that shows a fetus at 20 weeks feels pain.

“In the womb, a child at 20 weeks is alive and developed enough to feel pain,” said Baldwin.

The actor/producer/evangelist took personal issue with those who might nonchalantly argue that the current abortion law is permissible or acceptable. He said that God gives us each choice and free will, but that when we choose abortion and other things that go against His teachings, he warned God would respond to that particular way of thinking in society.

In April 2019, Stephen called out his own famous brother, Alec Baldwin, after the older sibling signed a petition in protest of Georgia’s pro-life “heartbeat” bill.

“for so long I’ve sat back & trusted God as my own family members have perpetrated the spirit of hate … through abortion,” Stephen wrote on Twitter. “Mockery & blindness #sad #Alec #hates #pray.”

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