One of life’s saddest times is losing a loved one, but relatives and friends can find solace in remembering the golden times after their death. When Kathryn Andrews’s husband died in 2000, she knew she would follow in his footsteps one day, so she decided to leave instructions to have her favorite sweet recipe engraved on her gravestone so that it may be passed down to everyone after her death.

Kathryn Andrews, better known as “Kay,” met her husband-to-be Wade in New York City and the pair fell in love instantly.

Kay was studying fashion and design at the time, while Wade was a World War II Air Force bomber ready to return to Europe. Wade was back in the fray after just a dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. During Wade’s trip, the couple exchanged hundreds of letters in preparation for their reunion, with Wade’s B-24 Fighter Bomber having the crew painted over the face of a naked girl. Because of his intense love, Wade drew her a swimsuit on the naked girl and named the plane “Salt Lake Katie.”

They married on December 18, 1944, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Together with Wade, they had five children. Kay’s daughter, Janice, said her mother was admired for her delectable cuisine, amiable attitude, and healthy lifestyle. She loved being with people and would write poetry and make jokes whenever groups of people gathered together.

When Wade died on his tombstone was a beautiful collection of pictures depicting his life. When Kay died at age 97, her only desire was to share her favorite recipe with others, and it quickly became a craze that countless lovers were sure to pass on.

The sweet fudge recipe calls for two squares of chocolate and two tablespoons of melted butter on low heat. Stir in a cup of milk until it comes to a boil, then add three cups of sugar, one teaspoon of vanilla extract, and a pinch of salt. Cook the chocolate until it reaches the softball stage (when it is pliable) and places it on a marble slab. Then, like the headstone says, just “cool, beat, and eat.”

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