Whales and dolphins are all known as friendly and intelligent creatures. However, while we easily capture the scene of dolphins interacting with humans, the case becomes more challenging with whales. This is because the giant creatures rarely surface, not to mention interacting with humans when they do.

However, in footage captured by a Puerto Madryn-based photographer with his drone cam, the whales appear gentle, playing with a paddleboarder without making him scared, which went viral with thousands of viewers.

Many people are probably willing to pay an immense money amount to behold a whale swimming at a close distance.

Maximiliano Jonas, a photographer, living in the coastal area in Argentina, never fails to fascinate with his footage. He has great luck in capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments as of these two Southern Right Whales. The aerial recording technique enhances the beauty of the footage.

The footage reveals a whale swimming towards a paddleboarder nearby. Whales are massive, and having a whale nearby may frighten many people; however, this whale is too gentle to scare anyone.

Giving the paddleboarder a gentle push is all he wants to do, making the video incredibly touching. Finally, the whale swims closer to the paddleboarder and uses his fin to give a slight nudge, causing the board to move lightly and slowly forwards.

While most whales slap their tails, creating large waves on the sea surface, and could even send a paddleboard rolling over the ocean, the Southern Right Whale doesn’t, which amazes the audiences the most.

Then the whale rolls around, exposing his giant white belly. In the Instagram post, the video’s owner captions the moment as follows: “Do you see how your dog looks when he wants to play? This is so, but bigger!,” as Animalchannel reported.

The scene is not at all different from a giant dog asking for a belly rub.

Later, another whale emerges. It seems it wants to join the play. They both swim around beneath the padder, giving the audience an epic show.

The paddleboarder now moves a little further away, leaving them their own space in freedom.

These whales seem stocky and big at first sight, but their appearance doesn’t reflect their characters. Rather than the aggression of other species, their friendliness and gentle manner has the audience shed tears while viewing the moment.

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