After describing what he claims was his “most unreasonable” customer encounter, a UPS delivery driver’s post has gone viral.

TikTok user @your_uncle_dave posted a video answering @steveioe‘s question, “What is an unreasonable request from someone you were trying to help at your job?”

In the video, @your_uncle_dave recounts an incident in which he allegedly attempted to pick up an item from a customer who wanted to return it. That package, it turned out, was an entire couch, which he was still using.

“So I knock on [the customer’s] door and say, ‘Hi sir, you have a return item today?’” @your_uncle_dave said. “He points at the couch that he is currently using.”

“I said, ‘I can’t take that. It’s not in a box ready to go,’ ” he said, noting that the adamant customer insisted he was required to.

“He becomes angry with me, and says that Amazon assured him that I would disassemble and repackage the couch for him,” he said. “To which I responded, ‘Nope, we don’t do that and we’ve never done that.’ ”

The customer grew “even more angry” and irrational, demanding that the employee call his superiors to change the policy.

“This man legitimately expected me to be able to contact the CEO of Amazon and UPS to try to sort this out,” he stated.

The story was both hilarious and frustrating for TikTok users.

“Let me get Jeff Bezos on the phone,” one user made a joke.

“Good Lord, makes you wonder how some people get through life,” another commented.

TikTok Stitch trend has sparked a slew of viral videos. In addition to @your_uncle_dave’s incident, other users have also shared their worst customer encounters while working in emergency rooms, fire departments, and movie theaters.

In one notable disaster, Starbucks employee Josie shared an order placed by Edward, who wanted 13 deliciously particular components, making her want to quit her job. 

However, Edward responded to his TikTok fame by adding, “I don’t see a reason why I wouldn’t order a drink like this again.”


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