Soldiers, the country’s heroes who spend months and years serving in the army, have to sacrifice their precious time living with their families. Therefore, they always hope to bring the best thing to their beloved one on their coming-back-home day.

Ryan, who has been away from his wife for years, decides to surprise her in an incredibly creative way, which makes his wife burst into tears and capture more than 10 million views from the audience.

It’s Valentine’s day, and Ryan wants everything to appear perfect.

With the help of his buddy, Ryan puts all his efforts into getting himself inside a 6-foot tall bear and struggles to have his head fit under the costume’s head.

Then sitting down by the house’s front porch, holding a flower bouquet and a love letter, Ryan keeps as quiet and still as a lifeless doll and patiently waits for his wife and their heartfelt moments.

When everything seems ready to be recorded, his buddy holds the camera in his hand, preparing to capture these entire life-memorable moments.

He comes close to the door, knocks it, and waits for Megan, Ryan’s wife. A few seconds later, she shows up, revealing her surprise when she realizes her husband’s gifts.

After playing alibi and informing Ryan’s wife that he was overseas, the cameraman asks her to open and read the letter right in front of the camera because Ryan wants to learn about his wife’s reactions.

With no douts, Ryan’s wife puts the flowers down and starts to read the love note with her name written outside.

As soon as she does, Ryan pulls the costume bear off his face slowly without making any noise so as not to spoil Megan’s surprise.

Megan reads the beautiful, heartfelt note her husband composed, trying to hold back tears until she reaches the end, saying, “PS, I have one more surprise for you,” as Spotlightstories reported.

By this time, Ryan stands on his feet, the bear outfit down to his chest exposing his face, ready for his wife’s surprise outburst.

Ryan’s buddy later tells Megan to turn around. Still emotional after reading the letter, Megan seems a little confused but follows Ryan’s buddy guidance.

Not believing her eyes—it’s Ryan. She immediately rushes towards him and embraces him tightly.

With one embrace, their clip is widespread and catches 10,861,613 views and many tears as well.

A soldier who has spent 20 years in the military and frequently watched homecoming surprise videos says in a comment, “This one is the best I’ve ever seen to this day. The setup was awesome, but the love these two have takes the cake. God bless you both, and thank you for your service, young man.”

Megan probably has never imagined she would reunite with her husband this way. Their love and affection for one another are truly an inspiration for us to take better care of and pay more attention to our loved ones while we still have the opportunity to share life moments with them.

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