Most men are proud of their fathers, even admire them, and look up to them as role models. However, it’s rare to catch them expressing their true feelings or saying any words of love to their fathers.

Dean, a Phillipsburg police officer, is different. On his father’s last day of work, he decided to make a special farewell gift for him, whom he had the pleasure of working with as a colleague for the past six months.

He made the decision to be the one who broadcasted his father’s final call.

Dean began his speech as a tribute to his father Brian Berrigan, after obtaining permission to speak and broadcast over the radio: “It is with enormous pride that today, December 30th, 2019, at 16:36 hours, I, your son, badge number 328, deliver your final call.”, reported by Spotlightstories.

Berrigan couldn’t hold his tears, listening to his son’s voice on the call, Jan. 8, 2020 ( via TheBL/YouTube)

Dean recalls his father graduating from the Police Academy 25 years ago when he was born. He expressed his joy when, 25 years later, he found himself in the same force as his father, as teammates.

Dean sent a “Thank you” message to his father on behalf of many people in appreciation and recognition for Berrigan’s tireless contributions over the last 25 years in Phillipsburg Police Station:

“Today, you receive many thanks. The department thanked you. The people whose lives you have protected & served thank you.”

Berrigan’s greatest compliment, however, came from his own son, who praised him for being the best role model for him to follow: “You’re not only my father, but you have been my career mentor. It was an honor to serve by your side for the last six months wearing the same uniform”. He added respectfully: As a fellow officer, I salute you. As your son, I’m going to miss you here. We’re all gonna miss you.”

Dean did not forget to encourage his father that while retirement is the end of something great, it could also be his new beginning for even better things.

Above all, Dean insisted that despite Berrigan’s retirement, the Phillipsburg police department is a family, and he is always welcome home.

Dean ended the call with a police command: “Officer Berrigan, badge number 299. Dad, at 1637 hours, you have safely reached the finish line. For a final time, go ahead, show yourself cleared and off duty. Congratulations! And I love you.”

Berrigan said emotionally in response to Dean’s call: “badge number 299, off duty.”

“I love you, son,” he said, not forgetting to express his feelings for his son.

Berrigan couldn’t hold back his tears during the phone call. Perhaps he could not have imagined that he could receive such a memorable send-off, particularly from his own son.

Berrigan was left speechless after that call, but it’s not hard to realize how delighted he was to receive recognition and genuine affection from his son, which neither money nor material value can buy.

Such a beautiful father-and-son moment! 

This moment serves as a reminder for us to treasure more sacred family affection and, more importantly, express these feelings to our loved ones because they deserve it.

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