On the first day of school, it’s typical for children to be worried and anxious. Everything around them, including their teachers, classmates, and the school itself, is brand new.

Ravi Kahlon, cabinet minister and MLA for Delta North, recently described how his 10-year-old son decided to introduce himself to the new kid at school during lunch break, making him feel welcome rather than lonely, reported Spotlight.

When his son noticed one of the new kids sitting alone at recess, he made a move that went viral. The child was having difficulty making new friends, and the boy’s gesture greatly helped him.

The boy’s behavior was likely meaningless to the other students. It was, however, a significant event for the newcomer. The new kid was apparently so moved by the boy’s actions that he decided to write him a note.

The proud father also shared the sweet note his kid received in return for his kind act on Twitter.

The note said: “Sitting with me outside felt better than anything. Thank you so much. I would like to ask you if I can start joining you guys outside.”

The post earned more than 460,000 likes, 44,700 retweets, and 8,000 comments since it was posted, and it’s still growing.

After reading about the incident, several readers recalled their childhoods, including eating lunch alone, being bullied, and making friends for life! Others related experiences of their children and how they helped their classmates.

One Twitter user commented, “Learning your kid did something nice is the best sort of pride. Years ago my kid was hiding under the slide bc he had no one to play with, and a kid came and got him and had him play with his group. We’ve never forgotten, I wish I could thank his parents.”

Another shared her daughter’s story, “This is HUGE. My daughter was shunned and bullied for being shy and different, and sacrificed eating lunch with some of the few friends she had to befriend a new boy being horribly bullied, and would stick up for him. No one else in the 8th grade would have anything to do w/him.”

Twitter user @AnnKifer said, “Who hasn’t been the new kid or even the person who walks into a party of strangers and wishes someone like your son would throw them a lifeline? Good for him and good for you for raising such a kind kid.”

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