In 2016, a teen from Phoenix received a text message from a woman asking to be his grandmother inviting him to Thanksgiving dinner. So far, they have spent six Thanksgiving dinners together.

Jamal Hinton, 20, is delighted that his “grandmother” Wanda Dench of Arizona, unintentionally contacted him.

The two strangers met for a Thanksgiving meal six years ago for the first time, and, since then, Hinton travels every year to Dench’s house in Mesa, Arizona, to share Thanksgiving.

In 2018, Hinton began bringing his girlfriend Mikaela to see “grandma.” They all get along, he said according to the Newsner.

When they meet, they simply sit at the table for a few hours and talk the entire time, sharing anecdotes and recounting their life experiences.

They do not realize how long they have been there because time flies. They are fantastic friends.

“Time kind of just flies, we don’t even realize how long we’ve been there. They’re really good company.”

“Thanksgiving dinner is at my house on Nov. 24 at 3.00pm. Let me know if you’re coming. Hope to see you all,” she wrote to who she thought was her own grandson.

Hinton was taken aback and inquired as to who had sent the message. “Your grandmother,” Dench texted back.

Hinton then noticed a blonde woman with blue eyes. It was not his granny, he knew.

However, Hinton decided to say the truth, “[You’re] not my grandma [laughing emoji] Can I still get a plate tho [sic]?”

“Of course you can. That’s what grandma’s [sic] do… feed everyone [cake emoji]”, replied Dench.

Hinton shared their first text exchange on Twitter, adding, “Somebody grandma is coming in clutch this year!! Ayee!!!”

His tweet was retweeted approximately 44,000 times and got over 127,000 likes.

Hinton used social media to publish the details of his conversation with his “new granny”. Dench said that it would be great if Hinton and his family attended the celebrations and ‘share good food and great conversation’ before signing off, ‘Your friend always, Wanda’.

Hinton happily wrote on Twitter: “We are all set for year 6!”

In April 2020, Dench’s husband died of coronavirus-related complications. As a result, Hinton’s presence is much more precious.

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