Everything is achievable when you apply yourself. No matter what your physical limitations may be you can achieve your dreams. Dick Hoyt and and his son Rick who has quadriplegia, raced as a team and showed the world that nothing is impossible.

Cerebral palsy is condition that exhibits several problems—the most common being trouble with movement and balance, according to the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention. Cerebral palsy comes in many distinct varieties. One kind is spastic quadriplegia, when the victims limbs, body, and face are all involved.
Those who have this impairment will often not be able to walk. However, Rick and Dick Hoyt totally blew that idea out of the water.

Rick and Dick Hoyt have incredible synergy. Running Boston’s marathon with his son, Rick, every year since 1977, Dick Hoyt has proved to the special needs community that anything is achievable with proper support. The world is in awe of their incredible accomplishments and is inspired by their journey.

Rick was completely paralyzed because of cerebral palsy. Doctors recommended that Dick and Judy Hoyt place their Rick in a special care facility. However, Rick’s parents didn’t accept that and Dick’s only goal was to ensure his son had the same opportunities as other children.

“We cried, but we talked and we said, No, we’re not going to put Rick away.” adding “We’re gonna bring Rick home and bring him up like any other child.” Dick Hoyt quoted his statements to ABC News.

The decision of Dick and Judy was really straightforward. Rick came from a really kind and joyful household.

In the presence of his loved ones, he felt adored. To provide him a computer that he could communicate with, his family collaborated with Tufts University engineers. this helps him use tabs to communicate. Thanks to his family’s continuous encouragement, Rick received his Bachelor of Arts in Special Education in 1993 after graduating from Boston University.

Rick wondered whether he and his father might take part in a 5-mile charity run one day.

The prize money went to help a lacrosse player who had been injured and was now paraplegic. Dick accepted, and the pair sterted training right away. Even though he was totally out of shape, Dick, with Rick in his wheelchair went for a brisk walk. Their work had a major impact.

Even though they finished the race at the bottom, the experience was transformative.

“When we got home that night, Rick wrote on his computer, ‘Dad, when I’m running, it feels like my disability disappears.’” Dick added, “So that was a very powerful message to me.”

Dick trained harder after recovering from that first race. He prepared his body to endure every race so that he could both help Rick and motivate him when he crossed the finish line. That’s when they started the journey competing in over 1,000 races.

It’s hard to believe what I’m accomplishing here. “I’m running faster now when I’m 60 years old than when I was 18 years old,” Dick claims.

They have even done triathlons and duathlons, which is quite impressive. Dick swam attached to a bungee, the other end of which was fixed to a boat ferrying Rick. Additionally, they used a two-person bicycle for the cycling portion.

This father-and-son combo was incredible to behold! They motivated everyone with their own example that your hobbies shouldn’t be determined by your physical limitations.

Dick Hoyt was known for his tenacity and grit.

Dick died quietly in his sleep at the age of 80. Rick’s brothers, Rob and Russ, told him of their father’s death, and this announcement came as a shock to him.

Russ commented that Rick was sad as was everyone else, but that he was also OK. “He seemed visibly injured, like he had been struck.”

Above all, Russ wants everyone to see Dick as a father who cared deeply about his son’s success in the sport, but also as a family man who shared many other experiences with his family.

“I know it’s a cliche, but I want people to know that I thought my father was a hero, not just because he pushed Rick in the marathon, but because he was a great father to all of us you could talk to about anything,” he added. “He inspired people to look at all their children as equals no matter their disability.”

Everyone will forever know Dick Hoyt was a wonderful father and terrific athlete. When the interviewer questioned him about his success secret, this was his response.

“I think that Rick has, you know, really made me fulfill my life as a father,” he proudly said. “What’s the secret? Just having a great son, I guess.”

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