A 91-year-old Minnesota man finally received his high school diploma that he never had a chance to get.

Clifford Hanson grew up on a ranch in Benson, Minnesota. He stopped attending school in eighth grade to help his dad who was in failing health, according to CBS Minnesota.

The young Cliff had to make some tough decisions, but he still kept reading, learning, studying, and bettering himself. He saved the family farm and became a welder and bus drive. He was married and had a family of his own.

The man said he has always felt the lack of that diploma.

Decades later, the 91-year-old’s story touched the heart of his nurse at Lake Ridge Care Center in Buffalo.

“He was really defined by that moment of having to drop out of school, so I got to work thinking how can I change that thinking and celebrate how much he accomplished,” said Tamara Pierre of Lake Ridge Care Center.

So ResoLute program staff at Lake Ridge Care Center contacted Benson High School. On Monday afternoon, Dec. 9, Clifford was able to receive the honorary high school diploma from Benson at his home at Lake Ridge Care Center in Buffalo, FOX 29 reported.

The diploma read: “Benson High School, of Benson Minnesota, is pleased to present to Clifford H Hanson, for his selfless dedication to family and community, and his willingness to forego his formal education for the betterment of the lives of those he held dear, this honorary diploma.”

“He’s an amazing guy and I think he worked really hard to earn this,” said Ellie Hanson, Cliff’s granddaughter.

Despite not sitting through many school assemblies or going to prom, Hanson did get to graduate from high school. He showed it’s never too late to follow your dreams.