Cameron Scott, 8, loves superheroes such as Batman who use their brains and strong will instead of superhuman powers.

After being diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer, he has emulated his favorite cartoon character by displaying his own toughness and strength.

“He’s my hero,” his father, Wendell Scott said.

Cameron Scott challenged the odds by beating a rare cancer, proving there is always hope regardless of how dire the odds are. After being diagnosed with medulloblastoma, Cameron’s parents vowed not to give up the fight against the high-risk, stage 4 cancer.

After Cameron fell down stairs and then began to complain about back pain, Tamika and Wendell Scott were concerned. They suddenly learned that a tumor had started at the stem of his brain and then traveled down his spine to take root in his body.

Despite the dire diagnosis, Wendall knew they would keep fighting hard for Cameron’s life. The little boy spent nearly a year at the famous St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. The decision proved to save his life.

Cameron underwent a four-hour surgery to remove the tumors and then went to St. Jude for follow-up treatment. The hospital has pioneered gene sequencing of Cameron’s cancer, which enabled them to prescribe a highly targeted treatment.

The 53-pound boy went through six months of chemotherapy and radiation. St. Jude financially covered the entire process from beginning to end. The little superhero and his family are now forever grateful for the work done by St. Jude.

“I stay humble and thankful,” an emotional Wendell said. “Today (at Legoland) means a lot. I think (Cameron) said, ‘It makes me feel like everybody loves me, I’m special.'”

The Scott family is overjoyed that their own personal super-hero is all smiles again.

This heartwarming story of courage and love must be spread to everyone that you know. Everyone needs a good miracle story to restore their faith in life and love.