Once a year on Veterans Day, 8-year-old Tyler Stallings has a mission to complete. Since the age of 4, the Maryland boy has been offering homeless veterans “hero bags” he fills with clothes, hygiene products, and bedding.

His mother, Andrea Blackstone, was the one who taught him about veteran homelessness in 2015.

“On a whim, I showed Tyler a video about the sacrifices that people make to serve our country,” she said. “He saw videos of veterans holding signs (and) no one responding to their cry for help and he thought this isn’t right. He didn’t like it. He asked me, ‘If they’re heroes why should they be on the street?'”

When she went on to say that their family was unable to build homes for the veterans who don’t have them, Tyler asked if he could simply give them everything else they might need, according to ABC’s “Good Morning America.” 

The boy began filling “Hero Bags” with clothes, shoes, snacks, toiletries, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotion, shaving gel, and hand sanitizer—and with his mom’s help, he was able to start handing them out to local vets at the Maryland Center for Veteran Education and Training (MCVET).

Tyler Stallings, 8, has been helping homeless veterans with “hero bags” since he was 4. (GoFundMe)

Not stopping there, he’s become an ambassador and resident “superhero” at the Maryland Center of Veteran Education and Training and has raised over $50,000 on behalf of homeless veterans, “Good Morning America”reported.

“It was supposed to be a one-time thing, but it turned into an all-the-time event,” Blackstone told “Good Morning America.”

Additionally, Tyler partnered with a local mattress company to donate 250 beds for the vets living at MCVET, according to “Good Morning America.”

“They should have the things they need because of all the good things they’ve done for our country,” said Tyler. “It makes me feel very happy and very good when they have a happy reaction.”

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