A school janitor, who has never had a birthday party, received a heart-felt surprise party on her 77th birthday.

Birthdays are a wonderful time of celebration and gathering. It is a way to remind ourselves of our prestigious presence given by God and be thankful for it to appreciate our lives and lean towards positivity.

However Frances Buzzard, a custodian at Bell Elementary School, has never had a proper chance to celebrate her birthday due to poverty.

Frances has never had a proper birthday party until 77. June 18, 2019 (You Should Know/Screenshot via TheBL/YouTube)

Ms. Frances grew up at the head of Coal Fork Hollow in Cabin Creek. Her family was poor since her father had lost the capability to work after years of armed service and working in the timber trade. So for dear little Frances, there was no party, whether it was her birthday or Christmas.

“We didn’t have Christmas parties either. They would get us fruits and nuts when they could afford it,” she said.

“They had me one, but it was so icy and cold, nobody came,” she recalled.

However, things have got a lot brighter when the school’s principal—Amanda Mays—found out the truth about Ms. Frances. She decided to throw her a surprise party.

She arranged a school assembly shortly after lunch, secretly gathered 200 students, and, together with the school staff, prepared everything that was needed for a birthday in advance.

Ms. France slowly walked to the gathering place as her name was called on the speaker.


“Happy birthday, Miss Frances!” principal Mays said on the microphone.

The whole school got involved in preparing the birthday party. June 18, 2019 (YouTube/You Should Know)

The janitor was draped with a “Happy Birthday” sash and placed on her head a “Happy Birthday” tiara. She was led the chair at the centre of the room.

Ms. Frances burst into tears.

The school prepared a short funny video about her and had it projected on the big screen. The happy birthday song was sung by 200 students. And then there came the birthday cupcakes. This might be once in a lifetime experience for her.

“It’s a great party! The biggest I’ve ever known,” Frances said.

“I can’t believe it,” she said.

She was moved by the heart-warming surprise party. June 18, 2019 (YouTube/You Should Know)

Frances was known for her devoting work ethic as a custodian. She had a great impact at the school right after she took the position.

“Everything looked so shiny,” said school counselor Chelena McCoy.