A 6-year-old girl named Kendall Rae Johnson is the youngest farmer in Georgia and the youngest black farmer in the United States. She has created her official company called “aGROWKulture.”

Kendall and her family developed a program called “Bloom” to assist the local community in growing their food. A monthly gardening club allows Kendall’s invited family members to assist in planting, harvesting and arranging Kendall’s food boxes.

Garden boxes for families and urban populations are provided through the program’s collection of donations.

Kendall also organizes gardening clubs and workshops to share her knowledge and train others.

Her great grandmother, Laura “Kate” Williams, instilled a love of gardening when Kendall was a three-year-old.

Her mother, Ursula Johnson, said that Kendall had a little patio garden. However, a full-fledged garden was established when she was four years old.

As a child, Kendall had a passion for cultivating her food. Then, she began to see how it went from a seed to an actual plant, then back again.

As Kendall grew older, her garden grew in size, and even her friends would come to visit. Kendall would proudly display all the veggies and fruits to her pals.

Many different vegetables and fruits are grown in Kendall’s garden. In addition to her work attire, she is equipped with boots, gloves, and gardening tools. In addition, her parents are there for her every step of the journey.

Kendall described the garden as something “special.”

“It has a big feeling in my heart. In my heart is the garden; the most fun thing about being a farmer is just yourself,” she said.

Her mother said that: “When you go to these meetings, and you go to these conferences and things of that nature, nine times out of 10 you won’t see anyone as young as Kendall there, it was so important and so inspiring that they invited her just to come, sit in, listen even if she doesn’t understand what is going on.”

Kendall’s goal is to buy two high tunnels, earth, soil, and lumber, costing about $10,000, which she hopes to get in donations. The project involves constructing a facility where children may learn about agricultural science.

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