To 5-year-old Ryan, going to school every morning used to be a nightmare. The little boy was bullied at school every day. But now, the anxiety is gone, as he has a football player, Chris Kuykendall, as a backup to send all the bullies away.

It all started one day as Ryan was playing football, then a boy pushed him but acting like nobody else would see it. It kept on happening and Ryan could do nothing but cry. 

Until one day, a high school football star in New Mexico, Chris, heard about Ryan’s misery. Remembering the torture of his own bullying all too vividly, 16-year-old Chris invited Ryan to eat lunch with him at school. When all the other children saw the bullied boy sitting with a popular older boy, it gave them a new perspective on this child.

Needless to say, it had a marked effect on their approach and is the reason little Ryan now can go to school with a smile on his face. He began to develop self-confidence and respect for himself, made new friends, and is doing much better in school.

Chris’s friend, Brevin, saw the impact Chris had on this young boy and wanted to take part. The two started a group called Eagle Buddies that pairs bullied students with athletes.

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