A 5-year-old boy in the UK got his first pay for his “excellent volunteering” and “asking lots of questions” after working with electricians for six weeks.

“Quite possibly the sweetest act of kindness I’ve ever seen!!!! We have had the electricians in every other week for the past 6 weeks and Theo has been obsessed with them!!! He has hounded them with questions, kindness, and constant offers of help!!” mum Laura Nicole-Anderson wrote of the electricians and her son, with a photo of the payslip and £15 ($20) on her social media account.

“Thank you Seytons Electrical, you made his day!!” she added.

Thousands of likes on the Internet followed Nicole-Anderson’s post.

Her house earlier required some electrical work done, and the electricians would be there for six weeks.

Theo, a five-year-old from Hull, UK, was overjoyed to find that he would be sharing the next six weeks at home with three electricians from Seytons Electrical.

Little Theo followed the electricians around the entire time, giving drinks, checking plug sockets, and raising a lot of questions, much to the enjoyment of the electricians.

The electricians wanted to surprise him with his first pay because he did such a great job.

“Measuring of items; counting and adding up the number of sockets; catering (yummy cookies); excellent volunteering, and quality assurance (asking lots of questions),” reads Theo’s “Payslip.”

Seytons Electrical said that the little boy “was really inquisitive as kids at that age tend to be and was constantly asking questions.”

“His mum Laura kept telling him to leave us be as we had important work to carry out but he wanted to be involved,” the company spokesperson stated according to 7NEWS.com.au. “So we gave him a few tasks to carry out.”

Theo was delighted when the electricians stayed for longer than scheduled.

He excelled as an apprentice. He “made them refreshments, forced cookies upon them and insisted they gave him more jobs to do.”

The workers treated Theo with respect and always made time for him despite their busy schedules.

“I cannot thank them enough, they made Theo so happy while here. Always made time for him and engaged in whatever it was he was asking about (he asked a lot of questions). We have never had workmen in before that have been so kind and attentive to Theo”, said the mother according to the SBLY Spotlight.

Everyone has been affected by the pandemic, and the electricians arrived Nicole-Anderson’s home just in time.

“He’s not had anybody in his house the whole pandemic so when they came he just couldn’t get enough,” she said of her son.

Positive comments have flooded the electrical firm.

“Genuinely shocked to see how this has developed and how many people that such a tiny gesture has touched is absolutely unreal,” stated the company spokesperson.

The mother said that Theo used all of his wages to buy an Easter egg for his brother.

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