Even though some police don’t perform as well as others, many people still trust the police. One man became tired of the media constantly lying about the police. He is tired of seeing police officers being hated not only on television but also on social media. He insisted he didn’t have much money at the time, but he wanted to show them that not everyone looked down on police officers. So he devised a strategy to show his gratitude to the police by offering some $5 gift cards.

He had no problems getting the cards, but he was having problems finding the cops. He eventually found one, and he continued what he set out to do.

He welcomed the first officer and informed him that he had something for him, but the officer told him that this was unnecessary.

The man then added: “This is just thanks for everything you do in the community.”

The man finished the work quickly and received nearly 12 million views on his YouTube channel for a video of him handing out gifts to the cops.

His actions significantly impacted one of the viewers, whose father is a police officer. He explained that his father was a cop who suffered a lot of hate and deadly curses from different people on a daily basis and he appreciated the support this friend provided them.

Furthermore, another viewer couldn’t help but be moved by the video’s message. “I wish we could see this more often. So much hate in this world,” she said.

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