Do you remember when the late shows were good and had class? What was your favorite show in the old days? Was Johnny Carson on your list? Let drive in the time space ship to one of the classic moments from “The Tonight Show” starring Johnny Carson aired 37 years ago.

In this special episode in 1982, Carson’s guest was no one but 7-year-old Drew Barrymore, the actor who had just made a huge splash in the movie “E.T.” Barrymore made a funny entrance to the stage as she slipped and fell flat. She, however, handled the situation with grace, as Carson walked to help her up and move her to her seat.

Carson got things started by assuring her that there were grown-up people who had slipped on the stage before her. The audience was won over by the level of Barrymore’s cuteness as she blamed the accident on the slippery shoes that she had on. 

The two continued to discuss fashion, going to the dentist, and the career she was pursuing as an actress. Barrymore didn’t hold back, she went as far as popping her fake teeth to show her growing adult teeth.

Questioned about the role in the movie “E.T.,” Barrymore spoke of director Steven Spielberg and how she was able to get that part when she first auditioned for Poltergeist. Spielberg didn’t think she was able to play that role, but the 7-year-old proved to be a perfect fit for it.

Drew Barrymore in the movie E.T. (1982) (

Barrymore then talked more about how she was able to act “in awe” of something and she needed to scream, which she described as “screaming her throat off.”

Now, at the age of 44, Barrymore is the mother of two daughters, Olive and Frankie. Being under spotlight for  37 years, Drew admitted she doesn’t know how to relax and is always “beating herself up.”

The actress previously admitted she wished social media didn’t exist.

“The thing I hate about social media is that I wish I could bring my daughters up in a world where it didn’t exist. The good news is I was on the cover of the National Enquirer at, like, seven years old, so I’m like, all right, that’s basically social media training ground … I get it. I was raised in a life where everything was out there … I am built to handle these girls and the pressures they’re going to face, because I had to navigate them, too. And the thing I love about social media is that we can communicate in a different way. To all people on social media, do not read the negative comments. You can’t find validation in social media.”

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