If you’re an American Idol fan, you might recognize this contestant from an episode broadcast on March 19 2018.

Marcio Donaldson grew up as a person with the bravery to pursue his dream. Believing in his talent and capacity, to follow his enthusiasm for singing, Marcio auditioned for American Idol. The original test was passed and he had a golden ticket. He did not go beyond the performance of the group, though.

To further hone his talent, he took it as a challenge. And when American Idol opened its door to fresh hopefuls, Marcio once again entered the audition line.

Marcio Donaldson. (Screenshot)

He shared his tale with the judges before he sang, and his gesture touched Lionel Richie specifically.

As it turned out, because of the drug problems of his sister, she was considered unable to raise her child. Police authorities appeared with his 1-week-old nephew at Marcio’s home.

“The police and the social worker came to my home, they brought him and here was this week-old baby,” Marcio recalled. “They said, ‘You have 10 minutes to decide if you will keep the child or he goes in the system.’”

Marcio knew precisely what he was supposed to do. “I looked at them and I said, ‘I’ll take him!’”

Marcio Donaldson and his son. (Screenshot)

“I had no idea what I was doing. But he’s actually a real gift. I know it was the right decision. And he’s changed my life.”

He’s now singing for himself and his cute nephew, taking the stage for American Idol for the second time.

“I want to show him what a man can really do when you step up to the plate. I want to give him a better life.”

And although he wasn’t praised for his nephew as American Idol 2018, he’s more than a champion of singing! And the 28-year-old Marcio, with his God-given talent, determined heart, and enthusiastic soul, is sure to go far!

Lionel himself adopted a child, Nicole Richie, for those who may not know when she was just a baby as his bandmate couldn’t care for her, so Lionel took it upon himself to raise Nicole as his own.

Watch the inspirational audition of Marcio, which will surely leave you in tears for the right reason!

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