It started when a broken bone led to a rare form of bone cancer. The 14-year-old who has been fighting cancer for five years now has one final wish: a sports car sendoff.

According to the Facebook page, “Alec Ingram’s Battle with Cancer,” Alec Ingram broke his arm in 2015. A slew of scans and two MRIs ago, Alec was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, cancer that develops from the cells that form bones, commonly found in arm and leg bones. This form of bone cancer is rare, according to Mayo Clinic–fewer than 20,000 cases are diagnosed every year.

Picture from the “Alec Ingram’s fight with Cancer” Facebook page.

The teenager was through all of it now. He was admitted to the PICU on Easter 2016, the children’s intensive care unit, where his heart temporarily stopped. He had a stroke and he had a brain bleed.

According to the Facebook page, he also spent his 11th birthday relearning how to walk after two months in a coma.

Now, Alec is in hospice care.

Alec Ingram in the hospital on Aug. 1, 2019. Picture from the “Alec Ingram’s fight with Cancer” Facebook page.

“The past few days have been some of the hardest ones yet,” a post on the Facebook page states. “Hospice says one thing Alec does another. We have said our goodbyes more than once thinking it’s time and then it’s not.”

One thing to know about Alec: he loves sports cars.

That’s why he asked to make up his funeral procession of race cars for his final wish.

“He wants race cars and sports cars to take him to his final resting place,” another post wrote. “It has reached so many people and will be an amazing turn out for Alec.”

To organize the processional, another Facebook group was set up. It’s inviting anyone with a sports car to come in to support the family and meet the escort when the time comes, which “could be a couple of days or a couple of weeks.”