Since birth, Rhys Williams, from Bolton, UK, has suffered from epidermolysis bullosa, a disease that triggers painful skin blisters and sores, and has even caused his fingers to fuse together. 

Rhys’s mother, Tanya, said when he was born, there was no guarantee that he would live until his teens. His skin disorder cannot be cured and the treatment is only to relieve his pain.

Rhys has to wear bandages to protect his skin, but they must be changed three times a day to prevent infection. He also has to be fed through a tube, as solid foods could cause his gullet to blister.

The little boy has to use a wheelchair to move and can’t straighten his legs as the skin has fused at the back of them.

The pain that the 13-year-old boy has to endure is devastating. He told his mother he’d had enough of life. 

His mother, Tanya, is the one who’s hurt the most. She came up with an idea to ask for people’s sympathy for Ryhs’s 14th upcoming birthday on Sept 21.

And to her surprise, after her post on Facebook, more than 10,000 cards, parcels, and hundreds of online messages poured in within a matter of days.

“We have received about 7,000 cards just today (Saturday). We got three-and-a-half thousand on Friday. I can only just see my living room floor,” she said.

The chief executive of Liverpool Football Club, Peter Moore, even called up to offer Rhys free box tickets.

This time, Rhys smiles. He’s been so happy. Tanya said the support from people in Qatar, America, from everywhere, restored his faith in humanity.

“He is opening each card and reading it, and he’s got his friend opening them too. He is taking his time with each one, which is why it is taking so long.”

Nothing more than a thank you that this mother can say at this moment for the people who care for her son. 

Rhys’ birthday has yet to come. You can send him a card that would be printed for you free of charge at Banter Cards Shop.

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