In life, everyone has to deal with a variety of emotions. There will be times when people are incredibly happy, and there will also be periods when they are despondent.

When there is no one to talk to, things can be overwhelming, leaving people on the point of making an irreversible decision.

A Michigan man found himself on the brink in the early hours of Tuesday, April 2, 2018. He was about to leap from a bridge near the Coolidge exit on Interstate 696.

Luckily Michigan State Police quickly had 13 trucks line up side by side underneath the overpass.

When someone is standing on an overpass contemplating jumping, the first thing police do is shut down a section of the road so cars can’t pass below. Then, they will direct trucks to continue driving and park beneath the overpass, reported Spotlight Stories.

As the truck drivers took their positions under the overpass, both the east and westbound lanes were closed to traffic, forming a sort of safety net.

If the man had jumped, the trucks would have minimized the distance he would fall.

The trucks reduced the man’s fall distance from more than fifteen feet to roughly five or six feet. Nevertheless, there was still work to be done to get him to safety.

Police took many hours to engage with the man and diffuse the issue. Finally, the man did not jump and walked off the bridge.

While this may be the first time this story has been captured and shared, similar stories have played out before.

Lt. Mike Saw of the Michigan State Police said the strategy has been used for over two decades, reported Fox News.

“We have been doing this for as long as I have been in the department, which is 1995. We have kept it quiet for that long but social media and cell phones kind of changes that,” Saw said.

Thirteen truck drivers committed a heroic act by staying beneath the overpass for the hours they were required.

Shaw said that getting truck drivers with tight schedules to step up and help has never been a problem.

“They want to help out, too,” he said. “Nobody wants to see somebody take their own life, and if it takes parking your truck underneath an overpass for a couple of hours to make sure somebody’s safe, they’re more than willing to do something like that.

In most cases, issues like these are resolved quickly, requiring only two or three vehicles to be lined up. But 13 trucks were able to line up, making it well-known.

It’s crucial to remember that truck drivers cannot be forced to park beneath the flyover.

The drivers are doing their jobs and could face sanctions if they miss a delivery, so it’s inspiring to see 13 people put others before themselves.

Living a life of love, compassion, and service to others is a lovely way of life that is liked and respected by all. Allow the wind to carry the kindness of the heart, and you will discover a life without suffering or anger.

And because life is constantly changing, sometimes we are unable to deal with it on our own. For example, suppose you’re thinking about killing yourself. Always keep in mind that you are never alone. Make contact with loved ones, friends, or anyone … to see the magic of compassion.