According to the mother of a ten-year-old entrepreneur from Australia, her daughter is set to retire at fifteen.

Thanks to the enormously successful toy and accessory business Pixie Curtis created with her mother, Roxy Jacenko, in Sydney, she will be independently wealthy before she finishes high school.

Pixie’s Bows was started in 2011 by the mother-daughter duo, followed by Pixie’s Fidgets in May 2021. Pixie’s Fidgets sold almost $200,000 worth of merchandise in its first month.

Pixie’s Pixs, which contains a wide assortment of Pixie-approved toys, games, and other children’s presents available online, encompasses both of those enterprises. Over the following ten years, both initiatives are expected to generate $21 million in revenue.

Pixie uses an Instagram account managed by Jacenko to promote her business. She has approximately 90,000 followers on the Internet, according to

Pixie’s mother is ecstatic by her daughter’s accomplishments at such a young age.

“You won’t need to worry; you can retire at 15 the way you’re going,” the mother told her daughter, as the New York Post reported.

Jacenko made news in August when she surprised Pixie with a brand new Mercedes-Benz GL worth $270,000. Pixie and her 7-year-old brother Hunter Curtis are transported everywhere in the luxurious automobile.

The “most rewarding” element of Jacenko’s journey has been watching her daughter’s enthusiasm and business skills, according to Jacenko. She also works as PR for her daughter’s company.

Pixie hopes to spend her winnings on a shopping spree for her mother and a luxurious getaway for the holidays.

“My friend told me today that his family was going to Paris for Christmas and I thought it was amazing, so I told my mom we should go to my favorite place, which is Fiji.” the little girl said.

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