It’s challenging to work as a waiter. The job is demanding, you have to work long hours, be fast, polite and deal with many tasks. Also, it is often underpaid, so tips become an important part of your salary.

Because of this, a group of strangers met through a Facebook post and volunteered for a random act of kindness during the Christmas Season, on Dec. 2019.

Then, they created a Facebook group and brainstormed the possible places they could visit. They chose to eat at an IHOP and a Cracker Barrel in Jacksonville, Florida to give a waitress the surprise of her life.

She did not know what their real plans were.

At one point, they started filming and called on the waitress. As the group explained their reason to be there, she was perplex at first and emotional later.

“People who met on Facebook,” one of the women introduced the gathering. She explained that the group was looking for someone to bless her Christmas. They did, however, choose someone at random.

They didn’t know her story, the lady said. With the few facts they picked up along the road, they were just piecing together who she was and her life challenges.

Finally, one gave her an envelope with the tip. It was for $1,000. This sort of money can help someone who is having a hard time, at least for a while. The money can be used to pay off debts, buy food, pay the rent or maybe help family members.

But their kindness was not stopping there. The team stopped by an IHOP on Blanding Boulevard and surprised the waitress with a $1,652 tip, saying in a Fabcebook post: “This is the last one for the year!, we were able to surprise and bless this hard-working waitress with a $1,652 Christmas gift,” adding, “She deserved every dime she received! I like my kooky friends who delight in blessing others! Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone!”

They also told Action News Jax that their experience was much more meaningful when the waitresses’ parents called them and expressed their gratitude. “Great memories made with the greatest people on planet Earth,” stated one of the group’s members, Jacob Bryan.

They don’t have a name and aren’t affiliated with any content-creating platform. They’re just strangers who have come together to spread the Christmas cheer. They hope they can inspire others too in these difficult times.

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