Increased side effects have been reported among those who have received a CCP ( Chinese Communist Party) vaccine including death. There have been 1,095 deaths in the United States and 2,787 in the European Union, according to reports.

Other types of adverse reactions recorded in the United States total 19,907 and in Italy 27,917 and in the EU the European Medicines Agency (EMA) corporate website announced 34,733 for a total of 86,439 in these countries alone, according to the Italian alternative media outlet GOSPA NEWS on March 6. 

In addition to anaphylactic shock, or acute, life-threatening allergic reactions, people who received Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca-branded vaccines suffered from other adverse reactions. These included gastrointestinal bleeding, disorders of the nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular systems and, additionally, a large number of infections, including those caused by the CCP Virus itself.

The cases in Italy are alarming for the author Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio who said they “are not only disturbing but absolutely alarming for Italy as the number of unwanted effects has even exceeded that of the United States of America, which has 328 million inhabitants against 60 millions of Italians.” 

For the Italian journalist Cesare Sacchetti, “The real virus is not Covid [CCP Virus]. The virus is the vaccine,” according to a series of tweets. 

“According to the US CDC adverse incident report, 966 people out of 19,769 died after receiving the Covid mRNA vaccines. This is a 5% death rate. The Covid fatality rate is 0.13%. It’s true. There is a lethal virus but it’s not Covid. It’s the Covid vaccine,” he concluded in the face of the figures he presented on March 7. 

The day before he had also presented figures on adverse and fatal reactions of vaccines against those who took them. 

Sacchetti even backs up his comments on CCP vaccination failures by presenting specific cases of unexplained deaths that were also not investigated.

“Her name was Michela Foderini. She was an Italian 49 year-old runner. She received the Covid vaccine on February 5. She died on February 26. No autopsy was performed. People are not dying from the fake disease. People are dying from the fake cure,” he tweeted on March 6. 

He also insisted on the manipulation exercised with the alleged dangerous CCP Virus, in different parts of the world and depending on the opportunity. 

“This picture was taken yesterday during Bergoglio’s visit in Iraq. No masks. No distancing. Covid is a switch. They turn it on for normal people who have accepted to be treated as cattle. They turn it off for them. The scam is still in plain sight for those who want to see it,” Sacchetti wrote.

Attention is drawn here to the pressure exerted by the NHSI body in England responsible for overseeing National Health Service foundation trusts, in its instructions on vaccination, which Twitter user @DDawgly calls “emotional blackmail,” in a message.

“NHS Improvement Behavior Change Unit—Emotional blackmail guidance: ‘Explain implications of not being vaccinated for seeing loved ones by focusing on the potential regret one might feel if they were not vaccinated & were to subsequently infect others,”‘ @DDawgly highlighted.