Michael Capuzzo, a six-time Pulitzer nominee and New York Times best-selling author, recently published a detailed report on the miraculous Ivermectin-based treatment for the CCP Virus (COVID-19) on the fact that it was globally censored in the Mountain Home May issue.

The Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) and its proving of the “wonder drug” Ivermectin

FLCCC is a nonprofit research group composed of Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Joseph Varon, Dr. Gianfranco Umberto Meduri, Dr. Jose Iglesias, and Dr. Kory who have gathered “nearly 2,000 peer reviewed papers and books and over a century of bedside experience in treating multi-organ failure and severe pneumonia-type diseases.” They support Ivermectin usage in the CCP Virus treatment.

In October 2020, Dr. Marik discovered studies from Latin America demonstrating the effectiveness of Ivermectin. Marik hailed the potent medicine as “one of the safest drugs ever given to humanity,” with more than 3.7 billion doses administered over 40 years.

Ivermectin had previously been found to not only impede the formation of RNA viruses such as the Zika virus, influenza, West Nile virus, and Avian flu, but also to lethally attack COVID, wiping out “essentially all viral material after 48 hours,” according to Australian researchers.

CCP Virus patients that took Ivermectin were likely to get much better at home and avoid hospitalization. In contrast, those who were already sick in hospitals and not taking Ivermectin ended up in intensive care units.

Ivermectin “basically obliterates transmission of this virus,” Dr. Kory stated at the Senate Homeland Security Committee in December 2020. “If you take it, you will not become sick.”

Analysis linked by Kory indicates that Brazilian states with cities that used Ivermectin medication show a substantially higher decline in incidence than others, with variances of more than 60% between surrounding places.

A later study performed by a Brazilian team found that individuals treated with Ivermectin had “a reduction of 31.5-36.5% in viral shedding” and 70-73% shorter symptom duration.

Ivermectin’s efficacy in lowering the chance of developing COVID was 92.5% in six of the investigations.

Dr. Hector Carvallo, a medicine professor at the University of Buenos Aires, undertook a real-world trial of the drug, providing Ivermectin to 788 doctors and healthcare workers at three different centers, with a control group of 407 medical staff who were not given Ivermectin.

In the control group, 236 persons became “ill with COVID,” while 788 in the Ivermectin group had no infections.

The FLCCC established a real-time analysis of all studies regarding the use of ivermectin for the CCP Virus, which can be found here.

The latest summary of Ivermectin use in CCP Virus treatment analysis as of May 31, 2021. (Screenshot via TheBL/c19ivermectin.com)

“People are dying needlessly. We’ve cracked the code of the coronavirus,” said Marik.

Ivermectin – a target that hunted down by Big Tech/Big Pharma

Kory and the FLCCC team, however, have experienced global censorship in their efforts to educate doctors and legislators about the reality regarding Ivermectin, Capuzzo reported.

Despite Ivermectin’s long-standing safety record, low cost, and widespread availability, as well as consistent, reproducible, large-scale findings on transmission rates, the need for hospitalization, and mortality, multiple national and international health agencies—including but not limited to the World Health Organization, the European Medicines Agency, and the regulatory health agencies of—have expressed reservations about the drug.

Ivermectin is labeled “unproven” because it lacks “sufficient evidence.” It is consequently heavily blocked from public discussion and knowledge, first by Big Pharma, then Big Media, and Big Social Media.

Kory’s forceful Senate speech received upwards of 8 million views on YouTube before the video was being removed due to “misinformation” on COVID-19. The video, as well as other footages from the December 2020 Senate hearing, was pulled from Republican Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson’s YouTube site.

The same happened with the Slovakian Ministry of Health. The Ministry declared on Facebook that it would begin utilizing Ivermectin, prompting Facebook to take down the article and the page altogether.

After studying all of the reports cited by Kory, Dr. Tess Lawrie, a prominent independent medical researcher who evaluates drugs for the World Health Organization and the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS), called the evidence “consistent and unequivocal,” and promptly sent a high-level multi-study review to NHS leaders, UK politicians, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Three months later, she has received no response and instead been “batted… away with waffle.”

A tweet from the Brazilian Ministry of Health on January 12, 2021, urging people to “request early treatment” for COVID-19, or Ivermectin, was removed from Twitter. The tweet was accused of “spreading misleading and potentially harmful information.”

Despite Kory’s efforts to present the Associated Press (AP) with all of the evidence from the several successful randomized trials, the AP declared, “False. There’s no evidence Ivermectin has been proven a safe or effective treatment against COVID-19.”

A proper explanation to Ivermectin’s brutal censorship

Dr. Carvallo stated the rationale for the Ivermectin restriction in a letter to Dr. Marik: “I am afraid we have affected the most sensitive organ on humans: the wallet … ”

Ivermectin can be purchased for a few pennies or dollars rather than hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Remdesevir, produced by Gilead, costs $3,000 per pill and is the “only anti-viral treatment for hospitalized COVID-19 patients approved by the NIH COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel.” Remdesevir has been demonstrated to have no advantage for CCP Virus patients in terms of mortality.

With the CCP Virus vaccine injection, there is no difference.

Vaccine companies have been given billions of dollars to develop experimental medications, which would not have happened if Ivermectin had been widely known and promoted as the successful treatment that the FLCCC has demonstrated it to be.

A censorship-free global advertising of Ivermectin would result in the loss of billions in financing and the EUA granted to the vaccinations.

In fact, Merck, which used to be Ivermectin’s parent drug company, recently issued a warning against using Ivermectin for the CCP Virus, citing a conflict of interest because Merck is now developing a competitor treatment for the CCP Virus, for which it received $356 million from the U.S. and will be launched for $3,000, according to Capuzzo.

“Our little Ivermectin has so many big enemies. It’s David versus 10 Goliaths,” Dr. Kory said.

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